The matrix of all matter

Is there intelligence behind life? What does science tells us about this question? A famous quote by Mr Max Planck who won the nobelprize in physics in 1918. He was Albert Einsteins greatest teacher.

“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clear headed science to the study of matter i can tell you as the results of all of my research about atoms this much, that there is no matter as such, that al matter originates and exist only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this minute solar system of the atom together. We must as scientists all assume that behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind.” -Max Planck-

An intelligent mind.

Almost a 100 years after this quotation they still haven’t found the commander in the commandcenter. Like when you wiggle your finger, a brainsurgeon can exactly show you the commandcenter inside your brain where the ‘I wiggle my finger now’ signal comes in inside your brain, but the commander, the one that gives the signal still can’t be found anywhere inside the body. It comes from the outside, a universal intelligent mind connected to each and every one of us.

What this universal force does is that it is turning your energy into matter, into life. Buddha and lots of other historical ancient wisdom teachers taught us that our thoughts are the connection to this universal energy. Our thoughts create our feelings and your feelings create the way that you vibe, your energy, which will be transformed into matter, your life.


Everything that has happened in the past is the result of the thoughts of past civilizations. What the future will look like for us depends on the way that we think right now. The only way to bring some change into the world and into our lifes is in changing the way that we think.

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The limited beliefs of a circus elephant.

The training of a circus elephant.

Are you familiair in the way a circus elephant is being trained? The training of a circus elephant starts at a very young age where the elephant is still very weak and little. The baby elephant gets chained and molested for years in order to learn some tricks for us people to see, we pay money for it actually to see this.

After a few years the elephant grew bigger and way stronger and could easily escape this situation but still it won’t, the elephant will never try to free himself just because of the fact that he doesn’t know that he can, they never taught him his own strength, the elephant is limited in his belief.

Limited beliefs

Just like this elephantstory it works the same way for us as a person. We do this all the time, we place limited beliefs upon ourselves for no good reason, excuses. We make up thousands of reasons why things will not work out for us, why things just can’t happen, we think in obstacles rather than possibilities.

What this way of thinking really is creating that just like most circus elephants that unfortunately will never learn their own natural ability to free them selves, you will never learn the natural ability you have within yourself to give your life direction.

Change your beliefs.

When you become aware of your thoughts you become aware of your beliefs and how this beliefsystem affects your life. A belief is just a package of thoughts, a thoughtpattern that supports every action you take. A limited beliefsystem will have an influence on the actions you take which will influence the outcome of your actions. Once you become aware of your own limited beliefs you can change them and you can change your life. If you are able to think, you are able to give your life direction.

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The Dyer dozen


12 Steps to increase your happiness by Dr Wayne Dyer.

  1. Want more for others than you want for yourself. Whatever it is that you perceive to be missing, this could be love, happiness, peace, a promotion or succes. Want it more for others than for yourself. When you’re in a “giving modus” your energy is aligned to universal energy that always brings more of that what you are willing to give.

2. Think from the end. See yourself as if the thing you want is allready achieved, it is allready here. What does it look like, how does it feel? Make a mental image and go there once in a while, imagine, evoke the feeling.  When you go there in the brain, you go there in the body, your brain does not know the difference.

3. Be an appreciator in your life, look for things to be grateful for. When you depreciate you take your value away, when you appreciate you make yourself valuable.

4. Stay in rapport with source energy. Be aware of your connection with source energy, awareness.

5. Get rid of resistant thoughts; Every unkind thought, every uncreative thought, every thought of judgement, every thought of fear, every thought of depression, every thought of it can’t happen. All resistance, you don’t need them.

6. Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions with you want to produce.

7. Understand the art of allowing, taking the path of least resistance, having faith that source energy is working with you and all you have to do is allowing.

8. Practice radical humility, you are not this body that you are in, you are not your possessions you’re part of divine source, try to be humble.

9. Be in a constant state of gratitude, be grateful for every little thing that shows up in your life, like you have chosen it. Gratitude is a great way of being “in tune”

10. You can never resolve a problem by condemning it. Things are the way they are and exactly as they should be, you can not shame your way into higher consciousness.

11.Play the matchgame, always ask yourself; am I matched up with the field of intention. Am I aligned source energy, be aware of how you feel.

12. Meditate, make it a practice in your life. Meditation is a way that connects you with source energy.

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